The 2019 Indoor Skydiving Industry Report


2019 Indoor Skydiving Report Header
January 9, 2020
Indoor Skydiving Source

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Indoor Skydiving Source Presents the 5th Annual Industry Report

Join us again as we recap the past year in indoor skydiving. Below we present our annual industry report info-graphic showcasing the year’s tunnel openings as well as an accompanying write-up of notable events and a future outlook. Lets start with the basic stats:

Presenting the 2019 Industry Report:

2109 Indoor Skydiving Source Industry Report

2019 Tunnel Openings

Find the full list of new tunnels opened in the last year below:

FlyStation Korea – South Korea (14.8ft (4.5m) Tunnel Technologiestunnel opened in Jan, 2019)
Urban Air Trampoline Park – Fort Worth, TX – USA (8.2ft (2.5m) Aerolabtunnel opened in Feb, 2019)
AERODIUM CuanQi World – China (9ft (2.8m) AERODIUM Technologiestunnel opened in Early 2019)
iFLY Charlotte – USA (12ft (3.7m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in Mar, 2019)
RipCord by iFly 4 – (10ft (3.1m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in Apr, 2019)
iFLY Brisbane – Australia (12ft (3.7m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in Apr, 2019)
Modern Activity Center – Norway (14ft (4.3m) Indoor Skydiving Germany (ISG)tunnel opened in Apr, 2019)
iFLY El Paso – USA (14ft (4.3m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in Apr, 2019)
Bodyflight Gothenburg – Sweden (14ft (4.3m) Windtunnel Construction International (WTC)tunnel opened in Apr, 2019)
Barravel – France (10ft (3.1m) Custom Builttunnel opened in May, 2019)
iFLY Cincinnati – USA (12ft (3.7m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in May, 2019)
Skyplanet – France (8.2ft (2.5m) Tornadotunnel opened in May, 2019)
Fly Station Bali – Indonesia (8.2ft (2.5m) Tornadotunnel opened in May, 2019)
Fly-4 Real – Spain (9ft (2.8m) AERODIUM Technologiestunnel opened in May, 2019)
Urban Air Trampoline Park – Snellville, GA – USA (8.2ft (2.5m) Aerolabtunnel opened in Jun, 2019)
FLY X Roma – Italy (8.2ft (2.5m) Tornadotunnel opened in June, 2019)
Egypt EOD Military – Egypt (14ft (4.3m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in Mid 2019)
iFLY Calgary – Canada (12ft (3.7m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in Jul, 2019)
DreamFly Porto – Portugal (10ft (3.1m) Tornadotunnel opened in Sept, 2019)
iFLY Aix-Marseille – France (14ft (4.3m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in Sept, 2019)
Urban Air Trampoline Park – Albuquerque, NM – USA (8.2ft (2.5m) Aerolabtunnel opened in Sept, 2019)
iFLY Melbourne – Australia (14ft (4.3m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in Oct, 2019)
Terminal Zero – Spain (14ft (4.3m) Strojirna Litvinovtunnel opened in Oct, 2019)
AERODIUM Sevilla – Spain (9ft (2.8m) AERODIUM Technologiestunnel opened in Oct, 2019)
CLYMB Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates (32ft (9.75m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in Nov, 2019)
Windoor Barcelona – Spain (14ft (4.3m) Indoor Skydiving Germany (ISG)tunnel opened in Dec, 2019)
iFLY Minsk – Belarus (14ft (4.3m) SkyVenturetunnel opened in Dec, 2019)

Noteworthy Events of 2019

The First US-Based Non-SkyVenture Location Opens

Texas-based Urban Air, one of the largest trampoline and adventure park operators opened the first ever permanent recirculating non-SkyVenture wind tunnel in the USA. Urban Air in Fort Worth was the site for this accomplishment as the company opened their 8.2 ft diameter Aerolab tunnel as part of their entertainment offerings. This is big news for the industry as SkyVenture has long held and defended it’s position as the only manufacturer to construct wind tunnels on US soil. We will be watching closely to see if other manufacturers follow in the future.

South Korea’s First Wind Tunnel Opens to the Public

FlyStation Korea became South Korea’s first operational indoor skydiving facility with their grand opening in early 2019. The amazing facility is powered by Russian manufacturer Tunnel Technologies. With this facility came the announcement of two additional South Korean projects at Tunnel Tech expands their facilities across the globe.

The World’s Largest Wind Tunnel Record is Smashed with the Opening of 32 foot CLYMB in Abu Dhabi

Perhaps the BIGGEST news in the industry this year is the record breaking opening of CLYMB in Abu Dhabi. This new facility on Yas Island features the new world’s largest wind tunnel featuring a massive 32ft (9.75m) diameter flight chamber. Opened on October 19th, the facility has already hosted a slew of professional flyers who rave about the facility. We hope to see some amazing flying and hopefully even some new competition formats in the future thanks to all the room for activities this facility offers.

Future Outlook

The industry development continues to hold fairly steady as the market still has plenty of room for more facilities to open. The following are the main points we noticed after watching the developments over the last year:

  • The first non-SkyVenture tunnel opening in the USA may open the door for other similar projects in the future.
  • Growth expands outside of the previous primary development zones – the USA and Europe.
  • More manufacturers expand into the space opening a wider variety of tunnels leaving the future looking more diverse.

Data for this report was gathered exclusively from the ISS location database.

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Published: January 9, 2020 | Last Updated: December 2, 2021

The 2019 Indoor Skydiving Industry Report
Written by,
Indoor Skydiving Source

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