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If you’re able to write the story yourself, just send it over for review. Please make sure you stick to our category guidelines below to avoid your story being rejected.

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Our content is broken down into the following categories:

  1. News
  2. Events
  3. Photos & Videos
  4. Feature Articles

Find out more about each of these categories below:


News stories are pretty self-explanatory. They are usually only relevant (or most relevant) at the time that they are published.

News stories could include:

  • Tunnel openings
  • New tunnel offerings
  • New manufacturer offerings
  • Event write ups/summaries
  • Indoor skydiving projects

2. Events

Events are pages that provide details and information about an event. You can submit an event here.

Want to live stream your event through the ISS network?

Give us the lowdown here.

3. Photos & Videos

Got any cool photos or vides to share?

Submit photos here.

Submit videos here.

4. Features

Feature stories are evergreen articles that ideally remain relevant over time. They usually focus on a specific topic and go into depth exploring it.

There are a variety of ways to structure a feature article:

The Human Interest Feature

A human interest feature takes something of interest in the industry and connects it to something potentially interesting in the life of the reader.

For example, a feature article on the improvements in wind tunnel engineering might show us how it improves consumer safety and experience.

The Personality Feature

A human interest feature may develop into a personality feature which looks at a person’s life in more depth. The person may be well known or completely unknown, but he/she will have done something of interest to others. For example, Rick Hansen, a wheelchair athlete, travelled the equivalent of the distance around the world to raise money for spinal cord injury research.

The How-To Feature

The how-to feature describes how to do or build something.

The Past Events Feature

The past events feature looks at historical events, but approaches them from the angle of human interest. I.e. how did the event affect people or the industry.

The News Feature

The news feature takes a current news story as its start but then investigates how the news affects the lives of average people. Our COVID-19 news feature is a good example of this.

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