New Flyers: Getting Started with Indoor Skydiving

The Basics:

Not sure what indoor skydiving is? These articles will get you started.

What is indoor skydiving?

What is indoor skydiving? Everything you need to know to enjoy the sport of indoor skydiving.

Who Can Fly in a Wind Tunnel?

Almost anyone can fly in a wind tunnel. This article covers the few limitations there are for participation in indoor skydiving.


Check out our list of frequently asked questions designed to help answer common indoor skydiving questions.

Little More In-Depth:

So you’re sure that you want to fly? Great! These topics will be helpful before your first flight.

The Beginners Guide to Indoor Skydiving

Everything you need to know before you make your first flight!

Who Can Fly in a Wind Tunnel?

A high flight is commonly referred to as the BEST part or the ‘grand finale’ of a first time indoor skydiving experience. First-time flyers are typically flown within arms reach of the instructor, roughly 3-6 […]

Indoor Skydiving Prices

Learn how much you might invest in this exciting activity before you fly.

Skydiving vs Indoor Skydiving – What’s the Difference?

We cover the differences between skydiving and indoor skydiving. Uncover the similarities & differences between the two.

Hosting Parties & Events

Indoor skydiving is a great event for groups. These articles will help you plan and prep

How to Plan the Perfect Indoor Skydiving Birthday Party!

Indoor skydiving is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday with a fun and safe group activity.

Indoor Skydiving for Corporate Groups & Team Building

Indoor skydiving is the perfect activity for a corporate or group team building activity. We cover everything you need to know!

Topics to Keep You Flying:

Indoor skydiving is not just a one-and-done activity! Here’s how to keep flying.

You Just Completed Your First Flight Session, What’s Next?!

There are many routes you can take to keep flying after you experience indoor skydiving for the first time. Let us lead you in the right direction!

Tunnel Coaching 101

If you’re interested in learning how to fly your body, start here. We cover everything you need to know about tunnel coaching.