The 2017 Indoor Skydiving Industry Report


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January 2, 2018
Indoor Skydiving Source

Indoor Skydiving Source presents the 3rd annual Industry Report.

2017 had a big year to follow after 2016’s record smashing number of tunnel openings. The year ended up falling short in terms of openings, but saw a whole bunch of exciting new developments.

Join us as we recap the year’s indoor skydiving developments and look ahead at what the future holds.

Note – the report was updated on January 16th to include a missing AERODIUM wind tunnel.

2017 Statistics:

  • 22 public wind tunnels opened in 2017 – find them all in our wind tunnel database.
  • 1 private wind tunnel opened in 2017 – see the private /closed wind tunnel list for a complete directory.
  • 1 wind tunnel closed it’s doors in 2017.
  • There are now 136 operational public wind tunnels worldwide.

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The 2017 Indoor Skydiving Source Industry Report Infographic

Noteworthy Events of 2017:

The First Indoor Wingsuit Wind Tunnel Opens

The team at Indoor Wingsuit Flying Stockholm have been shredding in their one-of-a-kind inclined wind tunnel. These guys are quickly taking wingsuit flying to the next level.

View the Tunnel Profile

3 New Dual-Tunnels Open, 1 Closes

2017 saw three new dual-flight chamber tunnels open to the public:

These two-tunnel facilities bring an entirely new presentation to indoor skydiving. Unfortunately the facility at Airborne San Diego was unable to fully open and has closed it’s doors for the foreseeable future.

Tunnel Technologies Opens their First Two Wind Tunnels:

FlyStation Japan and FlyStation Munich have both opened their doors to the public! These two tunnels are the first of their kind from Russian manufacturer Tunnel Technologies.

Indoor Skydiving is Featured on Americas Got Talent

Our very own Inka Tiitto was featured as an act on the popular TV show.

View the Performance

New Articles on Wind Tunnel Safety

Here at Indoor Skydiving Source, our top priority is to promote the safe operation of wind tunnels worldwide. During 2017, we published two articles. One was self written while the other comes from Marino @ Madrid Fly. View both articles here:

White Paper on Wind Tunnel Safety
What Keeps Indoor Skydiving Safe?


Future Outlook

Last year we were left with a 27 projects under construction and another 27 announced with projected opening dates in 2017. These numbers were obviously optimistic with only 21 tunnels actually opened.

This past year saw many cases of opening dates being pushed back. This has caused a mass of openings to land in 2018 and 2019. There are currently 59 projects with 2018 opening dates and another 7 out in 2019.

Despite the lower numbers this year, the future looks bright for the indoor skydiving community. New tunnels are popping up all over the world and manufacturers are constructing new facilities with new technologies to benefit the flyers.

Data for this report was gathered exclusively from the ISS location database.

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Published: January 2, 2018 | Last Updated: December 2, 2021

The 2017 Indoor Skydiving Industry Report
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Indoor Skydiving Source

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