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July 10, 2017
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America’s Got Talent is about to get a healthy dose of indoor skydiving excitement. The trailer for tomorrows upcoming episode showed short clips of the upcoming auditions. Among them were several clips of a familiar female flyer dressed in all white. The text overlay hints at the performance stating: “The next chapter is raising the bar to the stratosphere.”

It appears that viewers of the show are in for a BIG treat!

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The Performance

Update 7/12 – The audition went off as we predicted last night! Inka’s performance was shown on a large screen and she was there in person to take the 4 yes’s from the judges. Watch the clip here:

About the Show

If you somehow missed the previous 11 seasons of the wildly popular show, lets catch you up. The production is a judged talent search from the producers of ‘American Idol’. The show is hosted by supermodel, entrepreneur and CEO Tyra Banks and judged by creator and judge Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. Participants compete for global fame and a multi-million dollar prize purse.

The show commonly features a variety of acts including singers, comedians, dancers, acrobats, jugglers and more. This upcoming performance will be the first time that indoor skydiving is featured on the show.

View the trailer for the 6th episode here:

Presenting Inka Tiitto

A good TV performance is always backed by a strong personality. Based on the video and some confirmation via social media, we know that the performer for the audition is a familiar name for the closely knit community of bodyflyers: Inka Tiitto. Inka is a professional skydiver, tunnel coach, and competitor.

She is well known for her indoor sky dancing performances. In these performances, freestyle routines are set to music which creates an viewing experience like no other. She has also produced many videos which showcase her flying skills against her dancing background. One of our favorites is titled ‘Fighting Shadows’ and can be viewed right here:

For more information about Inka, check out the interview we did with her last year off the back of her win as the first ever FAI World Champion of freestyle indoor skydiving.

Predictions About the Performance

The talent auditions on the show are almost exclusively performed live in the theater. The obvious need for a wind tunnel to perform the audition makes this a unique case for the show. Though there are options for mobile wind tunnels available, it looks like the producers have decided to perform the flying at an offsite location.

This season of the series returns to Los Angeles with live shows from the Dolby Theatre. Based on the appearance of the wind tunnel in the trailer, we know that it is a single story 14 foot diameter SkyVenture built and iFLY branded machine. The closest of it’s kind being inĀ Ontario which is 50 miles east. The second closest, in San Diego is 125 miles south. It is extremely likely that the flying is at one of these two locations.

As for the broadcast itself, our predictions are one of the two following situations. The flying will either pre-recorded and presented on-screen at the theater with a live interview with Inka on the show, or the flying AND interview will be performed live via video from the tunnel. If we had to guess, it will probably be the first option because a live interview on the show would be much more personal.

All that being said, we could be completely wrong and something extra special could go down. No matter what, you’ll want to tune in and check this performance out!

Where to Watch Season 12, Episode 6

The episode airs live tomorrow, Tuesday July 11th at 8/7 central. You can view the show online via the NBC website.

Let us know what you think of the idea and the performance once it airs in the comments below.

Published: July 10, 2017 | Last Updated: December 2, 2021

Indoor Skydiving Audition Featured On America'S Got Talent
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1 thought on “Indoor Skydiving Audition Featured on America’s Got Talent”

  1. Frank Denninger

    As usual Ms Titto’s performance was great. Would have been nice if somehow they could have explained a bit about the sport and that everyone can do it at one of the wind tunnels in the US. At least the iFLY logo was visible in the video so folks can google that if they’re curious to learn more. Maybe more can be said regarding the sport when INka returns in the next phase.

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