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Indoor Skydiving for Corporate Groups & Team Building


Indoor Skydiving For Corporate Groups &Amp; Team Building
August 4, 2015
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Corporate events are a great way to implement team building and offer business incentives for your staff. Introduce flying to the equation and you have a recipe for success! Indoor skydiving is the perfect event for your next corporate event! We have compiled a list of essential information to consider when providing your staff with a flight experience.

Team Building:

What better way to bond as a team than to experience human flight for the first time? Waiting areas provide participants with a viewing area where co-workers can support and cheer each other on. Just like any sport, each flyer will progress at a different level, allowing room for improvement and accomplishments within the flight chamber. Once you are finished with your individual flights, there is plenty of time for high fives and applause. This exhilarating experience is a great bonding experience to bring them closer together as a team. For those who choose not to fly, it is exciting to watch and support their team from an observation area (typically located directly outside of the flight chamber).

Private events:

You may be interested in renting out the entire building to accommodate your corporate group. Certain wind tunnels provide these specific options. It is typical that each facility will have the general public spectating, and other customers who are waiting for their upcoming flight sessions. In order to make this a private event, it is usually possible to rent out the entire facility for a certain period of time. This will allow a more intimate team building environment.

You may also be interested in hosting a meeting prior to your flight sessions. Certain establishments are equipped with a private corporate level or room that can be rented. These rooms are typically equipped with a large conference table with chairs, TV/projection screens (with hook-up cables) for presentations, and white boards. Changing the venue for a meeting prior to a flight session could create excitement and productivity.

What to Expect When Flying with a Large Group:

Groups will usually arrive 1 hour prior to actual flight session. The larger the group, the more time you may want to allow for the check-in process. All participants will be asked to fill out a waiver/liability form prior to flying. This will release all liability from the indoor skydiving facility and ensure that each participant falls within the set limitations. Some places may also weigh each participant to have an accurate weight of each flyer. Liability portions will either be filled out once you arrive, or ahead of time. Once liability forms are completed and everyone is ‘checked-in’, there will be a safety and instructional briefing or ‘class’ that will prepare each participant for the flight session. For example, This class may include information about the appropriate flying body position, hand signals that ensure communication inside the flight chamber, and some basic safety guidelines.

(If you have a really large group, many classes may be held, allowing flyers to be rotated in and out) Once the classroom portion is completed, guests will be provided with jumpsuits, helmets, goggles, and earplugs for flying. This is a great opportunity to take group pictures!
Now everyone is informed, dressed, and ready to fly! For more information on how a first time flight experience normally works, please read our article: The Beginners Guide to Indoor Skydiving

Flight Time and Pricing:

Depending on the size of your group, the flight sessions will vary. When facilities are catering to a larger group (10+ participants) they are limited on the amount of time each participant will fly in the flight chamber. Facilities run off of time, usually within 30 minutes blocks. This means, if you have 10 participants, each flyer will receive roughly 2 minutes each of actual flying time (per 30 minutes session). It is common with corporate groups (especially those with larger numbers of flyers) to reserve larger periods of time. This will allow participants to rotate in and out of the flight chamber as they please. For example: If you plan to have 25 flyers, you may want to reserve 2 hours of flight time, giving each flyer the option to rotate in and out – providing them more than 2 minutes each.

The price will greatly vary depending on the number of participants and the amount of time you wish to reserve. The more flyers you have the less it might be per person. On the same note, the more flight time you reserve – the more the final cost will be (check and compare pricing with locations near you).

Food and Beverage Options:

Some facilities give large groups the option to have food and beverage catered/provided. While some places may have in-house food and beverage facilities, others may have third party catering companies/bartenders who can provide services. In a team building environment, it is always a great idea to have food and drinks available for those who are waiting to fly or are there as spectators.


With any sport/physical activity, there are certain limitations that may prevent participation. Specific physical histories or previous injuries may limit individuals, along with weight limits enforced by each facility. Be sure to read up on these limitations and communicate those with all staff members. The last thing you want is to show up and be surprised about restrictions or set unrealistic expectations for your staff. If certain participants fall within the set restrictions, waiting areas are provided to offer front row observations. Thus, allowing everyone to participate in some capacity. For more information on specific limitation and requirements, read our article: Who Can Fly in a Wind Tunnel?

How to Book a Corporate Event or Party:

The best way to book a corporate outing is to directly contact a facility near you. Most indoor skydiving facilities have a separate sales or group departments that are designed to cater to corporate bookings. These departments are experienced in making your event the most successful experience possible for you, and your staff.

Published: August 4, 2015 | Last Updated: December 2, 2021

Indoor Skydiving For Corporate Groups &Amp; Team Building
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