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How to Plan the Perfect Indoor Skydiving Birthday Party!


How To Plan The Perfect Indoor Skydiving Birthday Party!
July 28, 2015
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Looking for a unique idea for your next birthday party? Indoor skydiving offers fun for all ages. Whether you are looking to have a birthday party for your children, or celebrate your 50th with friends and family, indoor skydiving will provide you with an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

Booking a birthday party:

Booking an indoor skydiving birthday party is simple. Most facilities have a separate department designed for planning the perfect party for you and your guests. You can generally have as many guests as you please however, you will need to specify the number prior to booking. Once you confirm the amount of guests, you will pick a day and time you would like to celebrate. Larger groups should typically plan for 2-3 hours at the facility. Full payment or partial deposits may be required at time of booking. It’s as simple as that! Now that you have the party booked, you can consume your time with finding the perfect outfit to wear under your jumpsuit!

Children’s Parties:

Booking a child’s birthday party is simple. As long as each flyer meets the specific location’s age and general health requirements, they can participate. Keep in mind that if the participants are under the age of 18 years old, and their parents are not going to be present at the time of celebration, a legal liability form/waiver will need to be filled out in advance. Some facilities offer printable forms, and others offer digital submissions. While each parent may not be required to attend, it is likely that the facilities will require that at least one adult is present during the entire party duration.

Adult Parties:

When booking an adult’s birthday party, educate yourself with the health and weight restrictions at the facility you are planning to attend. Each participant will be required to fill out a legal liability release prior to participating. Being that each participant is over the age of 18 years old, most establishments allow enough time and recourses to complete those forms upon arrival. Although some facilities may offer food and alcoholic beverage services, keep in mind that depending on the location, participants may not be allowed to consume alcohol prior to their flight sessions.

Party options:

Each facility will vary however, most will offer different features that can add to your birthday party fun.

  • Invitations: Customized party invitation may be provided that you can deliver to all of your attendees. Some facilities offer hard copy invitations, while others offer e-invitations.
  • Party Room: Party rooms are designed to create privacy for you and your guests. They help to create an intimate setting for your celebration. These areas generally come equipped with tables and chairs and are offset to the general public. These rooms are typically rented by the hour.
  • Private Events: Generally during your flight, the tunnels are open to spectatorship and other groups who are waiting for their flight sessions. You may be looking to have a an intimate party for your event. Facilities have options to rent the entire building for periods of time. This will deny the general public access to the flight level, giving you are your guest’s complete privacy.
  • Decorations: Decorations may also be an option that you can have the facility set-up in advance for your party. Table cloths, balloons, and banners can be added to your birthday package to paint the whole birthday party picture.
  • Food: You may have the option to have food and beverage catered for you and your guests. Options will range from pizza to high end catering companies.
  • DIY options: While facilities may offer options which are designed to create a stress-free and hands-off birthday experience, most places are going to charge extra money to do so. Depending on your preferences, you may also have the option to doing the extras yourself. DIY options usually create more of a personalized experience. There are multiple internet resources that share cute and unique ideas for ‘flying’ themed invitations, party favors, snacks, and desserts. While there may still be a party room rental fee, and other potential fees for bringing your own supplies, this option could still save you a few bucks in the planning process.


Pricing always varies depending on the amount of fliers and how much time each person flies. First time participants generally fly anywhere from 2-6 minutes, allowing customization of packaging. Group packages could potentially cost less per person for the flight sessions than typical first timer pricing. Basic party options will more than likely include 2 minutes of flight time per person with media (pictures/videos), training, and equipment rental included. Private events allow for large sums of time where groups can go in and out of flying as they please for specified periods of time. This eliminates the hassle of planning specific flight time per person. However, this option generally costs a significant amount more than typical party packaging. Be sure to check with the facilities group sales department for group package options and pricing. Keep in mind that most added party options and features usually have an additional price tag. Room rentals, food, and decorations may not be (and typically are not) included in the advertised party pricing. Be specific when asking for pricing and request an itemized breakdown of costs when determining which options you want to add to your birthday party. Although indoor skydiving birthday parties have the potential for a hefty price tag, when it is all said and done, you and your guests will be left with a memorable experience that you will be talking about all year long!

There is no better way to introduce yourself to the world of indoor skydiving than to experience it with the one’s you love. Celebrating your birthday by flying, is a fun and unique experience for everyone!

See our location finder for a tunnel near you to start planning your next birthday today!

Published: July 28, 2015 | Last Updated: December 2, 2021

How To Plan The Perfect Indoor Skydiving Birthday Party!
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  1. Franklin Mejias

    Hi. Good morning. I need to know the mimimun number of children to do a Birthday party. thank you .

    1. Indoor Skydiving Source

      Hello Franklin, this is going to vary from location to location so I suggest getting in touch with the location you wish to fly at directly.

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