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You Just Completed Your First Flight Session, What’s Next?!


You Just Completed Your First Flight Session, What'S Next?!
August 18, 2015
Indoor Skydiving Source

It is easy to fall in love with the blissful feeling of body flight. Once you have completed your first flight session, what options are available to continue your progression? Indoor Skydiving is not an inexpensive sport, however, the benefits are well worth the investment. First-time flyer prices do not reflect the price for returning flyers. Most beginner packages include the initial training period which increases the price per minute. Whether you are interested in pursuing body flight as a hobby, or a sport, there are several cost-effective options available to further your flight skills in the tunnel.

Return Packages:

Almost every facility is going to offer you a discounted option to fly again. Some of these offers are handsomely discounted, same-day purchases, that allow you can fly again at a later date. Other discounts may be offered for a certain period of time after your initial flight session. These packages typically include hands-on guidance from a flight instructor that can further your flying abilities and knowledge.


The number of indoor skydiving facilities is growing exponentially. With that, the number of local flyers is beginning to grow. Programs such as leagues and clubs are starting to develop within these locations. Leagues offer a consistent, social environment where flyers can learn through individualized coaching. Programs such as these, happen on a consistent basis and are normally offered at a discounted rate. These group environments encourage learning through the support and encouragement of peers. We are starting to see clubs geared towards children as well as adults throughout the flying community. Some of which, host local competitions at the end of each duration. Check with a tunnel near you for local league details by finding a tunnel near you.

Coaching through the tunnel:

Once you have completed your first flight, you have the option to schedule larger amounts of flight time. These amounts of time are referred to as ‘blocks’ within the flying community and are normally much less than first-time flyer prices. Block times are usually produced in 5-minute increments. For example, you can purchase a ‘5-minute block’, ’10-minute block’, ‘15 minute block’, etc. A good rule of thumb is to work your way up to flying longer periods of time. Ten and fifteen-minute blocks are pretty typical frames of time for returning flyers. Some tunnels require that you purchase coaching in addition to these blocks until you reach a certain level with your flying. These requirements are in place to ensure the safety of each participant. When purchasing coaching through a facility, you are oftentimes assigned any available coach. This means there is potential to be paired with someone of lower coaching experience or having different coaches during future sessions. This option is great for those are just starting out. However, depending on your skill level, you may want to consider private coaching as an alternative.

Private Coaching:

Private coaching is different than coaching through the tunnel in the sense that you have chosen the coach you wish to work with inside the tunnel. You may have connected with your first flight instructor and are seeking coaching with them. You may have watched an experienced flyer flying or coaching and really enjoyed their style. Whichever it may be, you have the option to purchase individualized coaching from specific coaches. Keep in mind, coaches are not necessarily instructors at the facility. Private coaching is the preferred method when progressing your body flight skills. This option will provide consistency with a coach of your choosing and is typically less expensive than purchasing through the tunnel. Booking private coaching is most often done by contacting a coach or camp director. The best approach is to contact your desired coach directly to inquire about availability. 


Camps are events put on either by the tunnel, individual coaches, or flight schools. These events allow participants to fly larger quantities of flight time within a concentrated time frame. For example, the camp may extend over 3 days, allowing you to fly 2 hours throughout the duration. Camps benefit the student’s because you are able to submerge yourself into your progression. Camp environments are a supportive and collaborative setting that will allow you to learn the intellectual aspects of flying as well as the physical. The benefits of socializing, watching, and learning from other students are abundant.

Splitting Time:

As your flying skills flourish, you will have the option to split time with other flyers. Each facility will have their own requirements on sharing tunnel time. Typically, each person will be required to fly and maneuver in a stable belly to earth body position before flying with others. Once you have shown that you obtain these skills – you will be able to share time with others of similar skill levels. Thus, cutting the cost of tunnel time in half, thirds, etc. The same rules may apply when learning different body orientations. This is an option if you are looking to have fun with your friends or you are an experienced flyer/team who is training for a competition. Keep in mind- most coaching will take place 1:1, making this option less ideal for those seeking coaching.

The longer you fly the more you will learn. Each individual will learn at a different pace, and the potential for learning is endless. There are a number of options available for those who are seeking an introduction into the world of body flight. If you have fallen in love with the sensation of flying, we encourage you to investigate options near you. The sport of flying will continue to grow encouraging process, innovation, dedication, and a whole lot of fun!

Published: August 18, 2015 | Last Updated: December 2, 2021

You Just Completed Your First Flight Session, What'S Next?!
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2 thoughts on “You Just Completed Your First Flight Session, What’s Next?!”

  1. I am deaf and communicate through sign language. Do you have instructors who sign? I lost my hearing later in life and am not highly skilled in signing but would like to try the indoor sky diving if possible. Thanks!

    1. Indoor Skydiving Source

      Hello Gael, tunnel instructors generally can do a bit of lip reading and some basic sign language. Personally I’ve flown a few first time flyers that were deaf and it was a breeze. The hardest part is actually the classroom/out of tunnel stuff – and its really not any harder than normal. Once you’re in the wind, you won’t be able to hear your instructor. You’ll have to use hand signals. I’ve found that people who can sign, read lips, and read body language (skills that deaf flyers are generally great at!) do great.

      Long story short: I think you’d have a fantastic time and would be just as able as any other flyer walking through the door!

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