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Strojirna Litvinov

About Strojirna Litvinov

The STRL Group (formerly Strojirna Litvinov) is a Czech Republic based vertical wind tunnel manufacturer.

“As one of a handful of producers in the world, we focus on development, production and installation of vertical wind tunnels for purposes of entertainment and a sport called bodyflying. Within the division, we also engage in the production of horizontal wind tunnels for research and development purposes. Our vertical wind tunnel technology, which we supply as a free fall simulator, is among the best and highest-quality in the world.

The product range of vertical wind tunnels includes several design types (one channel, two channel, and multi-channel), with various flying chamber diameters. These range from small tunnels (2.8 to 3.6 m), through standard-sized tunnels (4.3 m) to the currently largest diameter tunnels on the market to date (5.2 m).

Our main competitive advantage lies in our ability to secure a complete range of services in the field of wind tunnels. From project design and production, to the installation and set-up. Engineers from the Development and Construction department are here for you to discuss individual requirements or possible limitations and to proposal a so-called “custom” wind tunnel.

Also, a significant competitive advantage is an energy-efficient cooling system, which in all flying chambers our wind tunnels provide thermal comfort.

Production halls are equipped for completing the entire wind tunnel technology, including steel support structures. Thanks to that, expert personnel are able to process the entire order of every individual project on site. Clients, however, are not restricted to only the models listed in our product lines. It is possible and very common that wind tunnels with very individual parameters are built for clients.

The Strojirna Litvinov wind tunnel technology provides high quality air streams in the flying chamber, minimal turbulence, vibration and thermal comfort. The innovative wind tunnel technology is protected by patent trademarks in the Czech Republic and Europe.”

About the Company

Based in Litvínov, Czech Republic, the company is a manufacturing company specializing in CNC metal working, welding, renovation, technical assembly, and vertical wind tunnel construction. The company has been around since 1999, but their first wind tunnel Skydive Arena in Prague, was built in 2011. In 2015 the company’s first 17 foot diameter wind tunnel was finished marking the current world’s largest wind tunnel.

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Strojirna Litvinov Wind Tunnels (18)

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Status Tunnel Name Country Size Opened / Opening Tunnel Type
Aero Gravity
17ft (5.2m) 2017 Recirculating
Chaijinda Wind Tunnel
14ft (4.3m) May 16, 2019 Recirculating
17ft (5.2m) 2015 Recirculating
Flyaway Indoor Skydiving and Bodyflight Center
N/A 2024
Flyspot Wroclaw
14ft (4.3m) June, 2016 Recirculating
FULLFLY Bordeaux
14ft (4.3m) July 2022 Recirculating
14ft (4.3m) 2013 Recirculating
HiFly Madrid
17ft (5.2m) July, 2017 Recirculating
Hurricane Factory Berlin
17ft (5.2m) July, 2017 Recirculating
Hurricane Factory Prague
Czech Republic
14ft (4.3m) 2011 Recirculating
Hurricane Factory Tatralandia
14ft (4.3m) 2013 Recirculating
Raydant Indoor Skydiving – Royal Thai Police
14ft (4.3m) 2019 Recirculating
Realfly Indoor Skydiving Switzerland
14ft (4.3m) 2014 Recirculating
Skydive Arena Malang
11.8ft (3.6m) N/A Recirculating
Terminal Zero
14ft (4.3m) Oct, 2019 Recirculating
17ft (5.2m) June, 2016 Recirculating
Windlab (AirRider) Kuala Lumpur
11.8ft (3.6m) Jan, 2018 Recirculating
Windoor Realfly Empuriabrava
14ft (4.3m) 2012 Recirculating