Athlete Spotlight

james rogers us nationals champ

Let’s Hear from James Rogers after His Smashing Nationals Victory

January 18, 2023
Owen Clarke
The 2022 U.S. Indoor Skydiving National Championships couldn’t have gone better for James Rogers of Tampa, Florida. The 18-year-old tunnel flyer topped the scoreboard in three separate events—Freestyle Open, Solo...

Sydney Kennet at the FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving

Sydney Kennett Talks World Cup and Growing Pains in Competitive Indoor Skydiving

June 16, 2022
Owen Clarke
15-year-old Sydney Kennett is one of the strongest flyers in both the United States and the world, and a 4x USA Junior Freestyle Champion. Along with over 300 other indoor...

Kyra Poh with her hand against a wind tunnel

Kyra Poh First-Ever Indoor Skydiver Awarded Sport Excellence (Exclusive Q&A)

June 10, 2022
Owen Clarke
Kyra Poh has been on a tear lately. The Singaporean flyer recently trounced 18 of the best indoor flyers in the world to win a Solo Freestyle gold medal at...

kai minejima lee indoor skydiving world cup

Q&A w/ Kai Minejima-Lee: The Young Flyer Speaks On His Spectacular World Cup Entry

May 13, 2022
Owen Clarke
The 4th World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, held at Airspace Charleroi, in Belgium, saw several nations take home gold medals in 10 separate categories, but perhaps no country saw bigger...

Kyra Poh with her hand against a wind tunnel

Q&A with Kyra Poh, Singaporean Wind Tunnel Champion and Pro-Skydiver

January 12, 2022
Owen Clarke
Although her home country of Singapore only has one wind tunnel, 19-year-old Kyra Poh has made waves in the indoor skydiving world (and the outdoor scene as well, for that...

Q&A w/ Sydney Kennett, American Wind Tunnel Wunderkind

December 6, 2021
Owen Clarke
American Sydney Kennett’s indoor skydiving resume reads like a CVS receipt (i.e. it’s fiendishly long), but surprisingly, the wind tunnel champion is only 15-years-old! A three-time US Indoor Skydiving Nationals...