Wings: The Atmodance Premier

The first ever Atmodance show has arrived. Brought to you by the Space Devils Bodyflying and Skydiving SC: Wings. The video showcases the amazing flying and exceptional abilities of 10 of the most talented, young bodyfliers on the planet. The dancers have created a show based on a choreography combining music with freestyle and dance elements, and it consists of 11 sections and stories.

This video is the aftermovie to the Superhero’s Flying Camp that happened earlier this year.

“This is the first step towards something big and bold, a real dance company made of bodyfliers, called M.A.D. (Modern Aerial Dance Company), which will be launched officially in December. Please watch the whole show and embrace this magical new art form, atmodance.”

The Trainers

Inka Tiitto (FIN)
Leonid Volkov (RU)
Maciej Kucharczuk (PL)
Yulia Oko (RU)

The Dancers

Amy Watson (AUS)
Krysiak Wnuk (POL)
Hannah Lewis (USA)
Coralie Boudreault (CAN)
Sydney Kennett (USA)
Mateo Limnaios (FR)
Tobiáš Chaloupka (CZ)
Malachi DeAth (CAN)
Lukacs L Laki (H)
Pal L. Laki (H)

Light Design

Balázs Nagy


Dexter Britain – Telling Stories
Dexter Britain – The Stars Are Out
Dexter Britain – The Time To Run Finale
Muciojad – Before I Sleep
Ben Carey – Bellow
Kai Engel – Silence
Hugekilla and Cudy – Savage
Dexter Britain – The Tea Party
Kevin Macleod – Undaunted
Kai Engel – Curtains are Always Drawn
Kai Engel – Embracing the Sunshine
Nico Wolleben – Storm

Licensed under Creative Commons


Laszlo L.Laki

Special thanks to all great parents, Christina Lopez, Annamaria Varga,
Marino Kalligas and Alberto Fuertes

Supporters: Madridfly, Eydisa, BG Event

Spacedevils 2017

Filmed at:
Madrid Fly

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