Flying in the World’s Biggest Outdoor Vertical Wind Tunnel | Aerodium

Check out the latest video from the world’s largest outdoor vertical wind tunnel.

Aerodium is the wind tunnel manufacturer known for doing things a little differently. If you’ve ever been indoor skydiving, it was probably… well… indoors. And while Aerodium does make amazing indoor tunnels, they also make outdoor wind tunnels.

Since these tunnels can be placed in the middle of nature and don’t have any walls surrounding the flyer, the experience is about as close as you can get to real skydiving.

The Peryton tunnel was originally built for Tom Cruise’s latest Mission: Impossible movie but in this video, we can see the British National 8-way Skydiving Team MicroClim8 having some playtime with it too.

You can find out more about how it was built here.

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