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Tunnel Tech is a new progressive player on the market. Combining German expertise in engineering, the world’s leading technologies, and break-through research, Tunnel Tech has set out to build the future of indoor skydiving. With a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, superior quality airflow, and operational convenience we implement our patented hi-end solutions in every aspect of a wind tunnel facility, cutting operating costs in half and multiplying the value of each project.

Tunnel Tech is offering multiple product lines in a variety of sizes spanning from 2,5m all the way to 10m, optimized for commercial, sport, and military applications. The company’s latest developments include horizontal wingsuit wind tunnels, indoor surfing wave machines, and open flow mobile solutions. Whether you want to build a standalone facility or integrate a new facility into an existing building (e.g. shopping mall) we’re ready to resolve every engineering challenge. In just 4 years we have proven our technology with fully operating projects in Luxembourg, Moscow, Tokyo, Seoul and another are 8 under construction worldwide.

Services include equipment manufacturing, franchising, consulting, turnkey project management as well operation under the Flystation trademark. The Tunnel Tech team will help you to understand indoor skydiving and the location-based entertainment business in every detail, assist you to secure the necessary funding, and guide you through the whole life of your project, from the first concept to the fun factory operating at full capacity.

Services Offered

  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Turnkey Operations
  • Franchising
Based in
Eberdingen-Hochdorf, Germany

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Tunnel Types Offered

Tunnel Tech Vertical Tunnels
Vertical Tunnels
Tunnel Tech Wingsuit Tunnels
Wingsuit Tunnels
Tunnel Tech Indoor Wave Machine
Indoor Wave Machine

Tunnel Tech Wind Tunnels (11)

Key: Announced Under Construction Open to the Public Available for Rent Relocated

Status Tunnel Name Country Size Opened / Opening Tunnel Type
Brimob Polri Korp Wind Tunnel
14.8ft (4.5m) Mid 2022 Recirculating
Flow Moscow
14.8ft (4.5m) 2019 Recirculating
FlyStation Japan
14.8ft (4.5m) March, 2017 Recirculating
FlyStation Korea
South Korea
14.8ft (4.5m) Jan, 2019 Recirculating
FlyStation Munich
14.8ft (4.5m) 2017 Recirculating
Kuzbass Arena
17ft (5.2m) December, 2021 Recirculating
Luxfly Skydive
15ft (4.6m) 2021 Recirculating
Qatar Military
21.3ft (6.5m) Mid 2023 Recirculating
South Korean Military
South Korea
Mid 2023 Recirculating
Stuttgart Indoor Skydiving
14.8ft (4.5m) Late 2023 Recirculating
15ft (4.6m) 2021 Recirculating