SkyVenture New Hampshire is a 12-foot (3.7 m) wall-to-wall recirculating tunnel in Nashua, offering indoor skydiving in New Hampshire since 2006. It is the northernmost wind tunnel in the eastern United States, the only tunnel in the state of New Hampshire, and it's the closest place to go indoor skydiving near Boston. Like iFLY Denver, the SkyVenture New Hampshire wind tunnel sports an eight-sided flight chamber. Although it’s older than many of the newer tunnel models in operation today, it’s still plenty powerful for learning higher-speed bodyflight techniques.

The SkyVenture complex also houses an indoor surfing wave (it’s the only place you’ll find any surf in Nashua!) and claims to be the largest indoor surfing facility in North America. In addition to indoor skydiving and surfing, the facility is home to “the world’s first rotating barrel ride,” a 24-foot rock climbing wall, and a bar and restaurant, the Oasis Cafe.

SkyVenture New Hampshire is well-positioned to serve flyers from a variety of cities and states in the region. For bodyflight enthusiasts in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and the majority of New York and Connecticut, SkyVenture New Hampshire is the closest tunnel. If you want to go indoor skydiving in Boston, for example, you’re out of luck, but Nashua is only one hour away. You’d have to travel to Niagara Freefall in Niagara Falls, or head all the way down to New York City (which has iFLY Westchester and iFLY Paramus), to find another wind tunnel.

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Please use the following format: 170 mph (274 km/h)

First Time Flyers:
2 Minutes: $55
4 Minutes: $95

Extra Charge for High Flights?
Yes - $6
Don't know what a High Flight is? Read this.

Group Rates:
10 Minutes of Tunnel Time $195 – can be shared up to 2 ppl
15 Minutes of Tunnel Time $270 – can be shared up to 3 ppl
20 Minutes of Tunnel Time $360 – can be shared up to 4 ppl
30 Minutes of Tunnel Time $500 – can be shared up to 12 ppl
60 Minutes of Tunnel Time $900 – can be shared up to 12 ppl

Sport Flyers:
Memberships can take the hourly price down to as low as $550/hr

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) (44 mi)

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