Strojirna Litvinov is Converting to STRL GROUP & Inviting Investors


Stro Group Announcement
October 8, 2018
Indoor Skydiving Source

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As the global indoor skydiving market matures and grows, so do the number of manufacturers providing vertical wind tunnel equipment. One of the most well known players across the European market, Strojirna Litvinov, has been providing their services since 2011 with the construction of their first tunnel – Skydive Arena Prague (now Hurricane Factory Prague).

Today we have a press release from the Czech company announcing the internal restructuring which will allow for a rapid future expansion:

“One of the leading wind tunnel technology producers, The Czech company Strojirna Litvinov, is now under internal restructure which will transform the company into SICAV fund structure. This transformation will take place on the 1st  of January 2019. From this date the new structure of successful wind tunnel producers will be open for potential investors. Either the new resources will enter into company through principal of qualified investors or the company will become public over emission of public shares on share market to support the only one general goal:

… to become a leading wind tunnel company on world market …

The main purpose of this transformation is to collect sufficient financial resources to become the one of biggest world wind tunnel producers as well as wind tunnel operator.

Currently, by constructing new production workshops,  Strojirna Litvinov extending its yearly production capacity from 4 complete wind tunnel projects to 8 complete wind tunnel projects, or eventually up to 12 wind tunnel core technology sets per year. There are still potential capacity reserves to eventually increase a production capacity up to 15 technologies per year.

Due to these plans, Strojirna Litvinov is starting an extensive search for possible locations for wind tunnel installations, which will be created under three basic scenarios:

  • Complete technology sells to external operators (business as usual)
  • Co-financing of wind tunnel projects with external investors and operators
  • Internal projects, where STRL GROUP will be the complete investor as well as further operator of new wind tunnels

Having this plan, we are targeting in the short future (of 5-7 years) to produce minimum 40 wind the operated by Strojirna Litvinov. This will help us to control the majority of the European market and get stronger position for massive expansion beyond the Europe territory.”

The list of upcoming locations can be found on the STRL Group manufacturer profile right here on Indoor Skydiving Source.

In the description of many tunnels you will find the declaration of STRL Group funding. These locations are where Strojirna Litvinov (after its transformation into open fund structure STRL GROUP SICAV) will build closed recirculated vertical wind tunnel technology as a company expansion with possible financial support of local investors. You may contact STRL group through their company page here on ISS for more information.

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Published: October 8, 2018 | Last Updated: December 2, 2021

Strojirna Litvinov Is Converting To Strl Group &Amp; Inviting Investors
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