Kiana Adamson is Flying for the First All-Female US National Team

The 15-year-old is a member of America’s first all-female four-way dynamic tunnel team. In April, she’ll represent the US in Belgium.  

Kiana Adamson Indoor Skydiving
March 4, 2022
Charlie Centa

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Kiana Adamson, of Denver, Colorado (a town that’s home to several well-known young tunnel flyers, including Sydney Kennett), is one of the top female indoor skydivers in the United States, despite the fact that she’s only 15.

Adamson, who is currently a freshman in high school, has been flying in tunnels for seven years, since she was eight years old, and has trained at the iFLY Denver tunnel in Lone Tree for her entire career.

She’s kept hard at work for all these years, despite all the usual distractions that come with being a teenager, simply because “it’s so much fun,” she told The Denver Channel, during an interview given while practicing at her home tunnel.

“There are always new things to learn and get better at.”

Adamson is also a member of one of the most talented dynamic teams in the country, Team Volare, which formed last summer. In April, Adamson and her three Volare teammates, Gianna Keuer (15), Jill Knutson (15), and Bella Capra (13), will head to Charleroi, Belgium to compete in the 4th FAI Indoor Skydiving World Cup.

It’s an honor they earned after winning a silver medal in the Open Dynamic 4-way competition at the El Paso National Championships last year.

“The four grown men [that we beat for second place in El Paso] were all of our former coaches. It feels really good,” she said. “It kinda just shows how hard we work, talented we are, and determined we are.”

The quartet has now made history as America’s first all-female 4-way dynamic skydiving team.

Her team is in the process of raising funds to support their trip to the World Cup, and readers can donate to their GoFund Me here.

“We like to say that Volare means we soar, not only in our flying but in our aspirations and goals in life,” Adamson’s mother, Cheryl, wrote on the page. “We soar, as our dreams are held by no bounds, and new heights are meant to be reached. We soar as four young women who want to make a mark, in the sport and in the world.”

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Published: March 4, 2022 | Last Updated: April 6, 2022

Kiana Adamson Is Flying For The First All-Female Us National Team
Written by,
Charlie Centa
Charlie Centa is the owner of two of the world's leading skydiving websites: and sister site, Originally from the UK, he now lives in sunny Spain where he spends his time between living in a van in the mountains climbing and skiing, and working on his websites. When he's not doing either of those things, Charlie can be found writing witty bios about himself!

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