FlyStation Japan: Tunnel Technologies Opens their First Location


Flystation Japan Opening Announcement
April 21, 2017
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This past weekend saw the grand opening of FlyStation Japan. This location is Russian wind tunnel manufacturer Tunnel Technologies first. The 14.8 ft (4.5m) diameter tunnel sits near Koshigaya Lake Town in Tokyo, Japan.

Tunnel Details

The wind tunnel is model TT45V1, a dual sided recirculating design with two fans sitting horizontally on each return air tower. Tunnel Technologies took great care to ensure that the tunnel features a safety-minded wind profile, while providing a spectacular flying experience both inside and out.

The company has set out to provide some of the highest quality machines on the market. The attention to detail can be seen in this first project with all others looking to follow suit. Aside from the attention to detail on the engineering side, the most notable thing about this Japanese location is the split level viewing chamber.

Half way up the glass flight chamber is a glass floor which allows spectators to observe from new and unique angles. More photos below.

Images from the Grand Opening

Tunnel Technologies has been kind enough to share images from theirĀ grand opening. Find photos of the party that took place as well as some shots of flyers and the machine here:

Other Tunnel Tech Projects

In addition to this location, Tunnel Tech is also working on 2 others around the city of Tokyo. A tunnel in Akishima sits to the west and a tunnel in Chiba New Town to the south. Two other Japanese locations are announced for Osaka and Yokohama.

Outside Japan, work has started on two other locations. A location in South Korea has just recently broken ground with hopes to open later this year or early next. A location in Munich is also well underway with most of the structural work in place. The location is due to open in the middle of the year.

We would like to extend a big congratulations to the team at Tunnel Technologies and everyone working at the location.

Published: April 21, 2017 | Last Updated: December 2, 2021

Flystation Japan: Tunnel Technologies Opens Their First Location
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