WISC 2016 Competition Highlights

See the competition highlights from the WISC 2016 competition held at FlySpot. The video is by Krzysztof Soltyk who is a proud father of competitor Andrzej Soltyk. 

“Josh Ruiz-Velasco and Andrzej Soltyk met at Flyspot, Warsaw in January of 2016. Josh was working at the tunnel to pursue his dream of becoming one of the world’s best indoor and outdoor skydivers. Andrzej was practicing his flying skills for the same reason. Together they are the Vipers. Josh and Andrzej share an intense passion for indoor skydiving, spending as much of their free time in the tunnel as possible. This passion is what drives the Vipers. Josh has participated in 15 competitions with various teammates. Andrzej has 7 competitions under his belt–in only 2 years. They are a perfect match, giving their all to the sport, pushing each other to their breaking points, enjoying each other’s company, and even going as far as to call each other brother. Although Andrzej is still underage for outdoor competition, the Vipers have plans to tackle that field as well.”

Filmed at:
Flyspot Warsaw

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