Looking for a thrill that's not quite as scary as jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet? Look no further than iFLY Westchester, the premier indoor skydiving facility in the New York area. Located in Ridge Hill Shopping Center, just off the Sprain Brook Parkway, iFLY Westchester offers a state-of-the-art wind tunnel that simulates the sensation of skydiving without the need for an actual parachute.

About iFLY Westchester

iFLY Westchester, also known as iFLY NYC is a 14-foot (4.3 m) recirculating wind tunnel that opened in 2015 in Yonkers, New York (Westchester Couty). This state-of-the-art indoor skydiving facility was the first wind tunnel in the state of New York. It was joined by a nearby New Jersey tunnel, iFLY Paramus, in 2018, which sits just on the other side of the Hudson River, but iFLY Westchester remains the only tunnel in New York at the time of writing (though the upcoming iFLY Long Island, scheduled to open in 2023, may soon change that).

The Generation 6 SkyVenture model wind tunnel used at iFLY Westchester is a recirculating wind tunnel, which means that the air is constantly being recycled within the tunnel itself. This method provides a more controlled experience than other types of wind tunnels and is not affected by weather conditions outside the facility, allowing it to stay in operation all year round. The result is a sensation that closely approximates the sensation of actual skydiving, without the inherent risks.

The iFLY Westchester Experience

Upon arrival, you'll have to sign a waiver before being fitted for your flight gear. You'll be provided with a jumpsuit, goggles, helmet, and earplugs. Once you're suited and booted, you'll be given a briefing by a qualified IBA instructor where you'll learn about safety measures, as we'll skydiving basics and hand signals for communication inside the tunnel.

Once you're ready to go you'll be taken through to the wind tunnel where you get to experience the incredible feeling of freefall! Flights last approximately 60 seconds, which may sound like a short amount of time but we can assure you it isn't! Especially when you consider that the freefall portion of a regular skydive usually lasts around 45 seconds.

How many flights you do depends on the package you choose.

Who Can Fly at iFLY Westchester?

Indoor skydiving is a great activity for all ages, including people with physical disabilities, and no level of fitness or previous experience is required. There are, however a few restrictions that should be noted:

  • Children must be a minimum of 3 years old.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult to sign the waiver on their behalf.
  • Maximum weight limit of 300 lbs. Anyone over 260 lbs should inform staff upon checking in.
  • Anyone with a previous heart condition or back or neck pain should consult with a doctor before participating.
  • Indoor skydiving is not suitable for pregnant women.

How much is iFLY Westchester?

At iFLY Westchester there's a package for everyone. Packages for first-timers start at $74.99 for 2 flights and go up to $184.99 for 5 flights.

All packages include:

  • Flight gear rental
  • Training from an IBA instructor
  • One-to-one flight instruction
  • A souvenir iFLY certificate

Return flyers and experienced skydivers can get discounted rates. Group packages are also available.

Ridge Hill Shopping Center

As a part of Ridge Hill Shopping Center, iFLY Westchester provides a unique experience that can be combined with a larger day out on the town. With a range of upscale retail options, as well as a variety of dining choices, Ridge Hill has something for everyone. And, since iFLY Westchester is an indoor facility, the fun can continue even in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Book Indoor Skydiving at iFLY Westchester Today

If you're looking for a unique, exhilarating experience that's appropriate for all ages and skill levels, indoor skydiving at iFLY Westchester is the perfect choice. With a dedicated team of experienced instructors and a state-of-the-art wind tunnel, visitors are guaranteed a memorable and safe adventure. And, with its prime location in Ridge Hill Shopping Center, this experience can be combined with a larger day out for the ultimate thrill-seeker's excursion. Book your flight at iFLY Westchester today, and experience the power of the wind tunnel for yourself!

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2 Flight Super Saver Package (valid Monday-Friday from 11am-4:30pm): $74.99
2 Flight Package: $104.99
4 Flight Package: $159.99
5 Flight Package: $184.99

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