U.S. Indoor Skydiving Nationals 2022 will be held at iFLY Colorado Springs

The all-new tunnel is one of the nation’s largest vertical wind tunnels and now will host America’s largest indoor skydiving competition. 

Ifly Colorado Springs
Image Credit: Christian Murdock, The Gazette
October 24, 2022
Owen Clarke

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From November 11 to 13, iFLY Colorado Springs will host the U.S. Indoor Skydiving (USIS) National Championships. The wind tunnel, which only opened to the public a few months ago, on March 12, is a whopping 40 feet high—among the tallest in the country. Operated by a trio of retired Air Force colonels, the tunnel is just across the highway from the U.S. Air Force Academy, and its facilities are regularly used by military outfits to train.

As one of the newest iFLYs, iFLY Colorado Springs is also among the most luxurious wind tunnel facilities in the world. In addition to the tunnel, it’s home to a full bar and pizza oven, an outdoor deck, and vaulted stadium-style seating, making it a no-brainer choice for this year’s nationals. Last year, USIS Nationals were held at iFLY El Paso, in Texas.

But USIS Nationals aren’t just a deciding event for American flyers at the domestic level. The event will also determine Team USA members for the 5th FAI Indoor Skydiving World Cup, to be held at Slovakia’s Hurricane Factory tunnel in April 2023. This year’s World Cup, at Airspace in Belgium, saw over 300 flyers from two-dozen countries come to compete, even amid the aftershocks of the COVID pandemic and the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine—so next year’s World Cup will likely be much, much larger.

Dynamic 4-way and 2-way Open, Freestyle Open, and Junior Freestyle Open competitions at Nationals will decide Team USA’s roster for the World Cup. But the event will also include Solo Speed, Best Trick, Formation Skydiving, and VFS comps, to award victors at the national level.

All the best American flyers will likely attend, but perhaps none are as well-positioned as four-time Junior Freestyle champion Sydney Kennett, a local Coloradan who also took silver at this year’s World Cup. Kennett, who lives just south of Denver, has made the new Colorado Springs iFLY her stomping ground, so she probably knows it better than anyone else competing at her level.

Readers can stay up to date on the competition, register, and learn more on the USIS Facebook event page.

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Published: October 24, 2022 | Last Updated: October 24, 2022

U.s. Indoor Skydiving Nationals 2022 Will Be Held At Ifly Colorado Springs
Written by,
Owen Clarke
Owen Clarke is an American action sports and adventure travel journalist. In addition to serving as an executive editor at Indoor Skydiving Source, he is an editor-at-large for Climbing magazine and lead writer for the adventure guiding outfitter Benegas Brothers Productions. He also writes for Backpacker, Outside, SKI, and Trail Runner, among other publications.

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