The 1st World Champions of Indoor Skydiving Have Been Crowned

Competitors at the WISC 2015 Indoor Skydiving Championship Event
November 9, 2015
Indoor Skydiving Source

Late last month the 1st World Championships of Indoor Skydiving were held at Hurricane Factory Prague in the Czech Republic. 202 flyers represented 23 countries in a show of skill across four disciplines.

The spectators gathered close around the glass to observe the championships while a livestream with commentary was broadcast for viewers around the globe. The meet took place on October 23rd and 24th. The first day the competition spread across over 17 hours of flying. On Oct 24th the first world champions of indoor skydiving were crowned in the final rounds.

If you missed any of the competition, the full livestream recordings including the awards ceremony have been uploaded to the WISC 2015 site. Hurricane Factory also took the time to put together daily video recaps for a stylish look inside each competition day:

Day 1 Video Recap

WISC 2015 Day 1 Video Recap


Day 2 Video Recap

WISC 2015 Day 2 Video Recap


Day 3 Video Recap

WISC 2015 Day 3 Video Recap


French Champions Celebrating


The champions for each class within the 4 disciplines are as follows:

Freestyle (Juniors) – Maja Kuczynska, Poland
Freestyle (Open) – Inka Tiitto, Finland

Dynamic 2-Way – Team SUI 1, Filip Crnjakovic & Fabian Ramseyer, Switzerland
Dynamic 4-Way – Windoor Warriors, Raphael Coudray, Léo Blanchon, Clément Ducloux & David Petracco, France

Formation Skydiving 4-Way (Demo) – Hurricane Factory Cubs, Viktorie Nováková, Magdaléna Hejná, Tereza Zívalová, and Sabina Cioleková, Czech Republic
Formation Skydiving 4-Way (Female) – Golden Knights Female 4-way, Dannielle Woosley, Angela Nicolas, Laura Davis, & Jen Davidson, USA
Formation Skydiving 4-Way (Open) – HayaBusa, David Grauwels, Andy Grauwels, Dennis Praet, & Jeroen Nollet, Belgium

Vertical Formation Skydiving 4-Way (Open) – TRANSFERT, Emmanuelle Droneau, Mickael Melo, Edouard Henry, Gregory Magal, & Nicolas Campistron, France

For full scores please see the IPC scoring page.

D2W Champions Head to Head

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