iFLY Denver is a 12-foot (3.7 m) recirculating tunnel open since 2006. This Generation 3 tunnel was one of the first recirculating models in the United States, along with iFLY SF Bay, iFLY Orlando, SkyVenture New Hampshire, and other early American tunnels. For the first 12 years of its operation, it was a private operation known as SkyVenture Colorado, but was incorporated into the iFLY franchise in 2014 and re-branded as iFLY Denver.

iFLY Denver sports an eight-sided flight chamber, like SkyVenture New Hampshire, and although it’s somewhat older, it’s still plenty powerful for learning higher-speed bodyflight techniques.

This tunnel was, for many years, not just the only indoor skydiving Denver offered, but the only location for indoor skydiving in the state of Colorado. However, Rocky Mountain flyers can now go indoor skydiving in Colorado Springs, as well, at the city’s newly-opened Gen 9 iFLY, which began welcoming flyers in March 2022. The Colorado Springs iFLY, operated by a trio of retired Air Force colonels, is the tallest full-glass wind tunnel in the country, at 40 feet.

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