Skydiving has always been a sought-after experience for thrill-seekers, but now you can experience the same rush indoors at Hurricane Factory Tatralandia!

Formerly called Superfly Tatralandia, Hurricane Factory Tatralandia is the second of 3 Hurricane Factory branded tunnel to open around the world. With a colossal wind tunnel that is 4.3m wide and 14m tall, you can fly with wind speeds of up to 270 km/h in complete safety and comfort. And the best part? Absolutely no prior experience or special physical fitness is needed to take part - any physically healthy person over 5 years old is welcome!

For 1 minute in the tunnel, it's equivalent to a regular skydive from a plane at 4,000 meters. You'll be guided by one of our highly trained instructors who will show you how to control your body in free fall and perform different movements as you soar through the sky. Whether you're an experienced skydiver looking for something new or just curious about trying something wild and daring, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

The freedom of flight within the safety of our giant wind tunnel makes it perfect for everyone. And with the added bonus that there are no altitude requirements or weather considerations, Hurricane Factory Tatralandia is truly your destination for experiencing the same adrenaline rush without ever having to leave the ground! Our team of experts have made sure that all safety measures are taken into account and all visitors are given full instruction before they start their adventure, so it's time to let go and get ready for one ride like no other!

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Please use the following format: 170 mph (274 km/h)

First-Time Flyers
2 flights: 75€

Sport Flyers:
60 mins: 900€

Poprad (Slovakia): 30 minutes by car

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