Tunn3l Releases a Free Indoor Skydiving Competition Manager

Tunnel operators can make the most of this fee software to provide a seamless and professional competition experience. 

Tunn3L Indoor Skydiving Competition Timer
February 7, 2023
Charlie Centa

Indoor skydiving is a growing sport but the relatively small size of the industry provides a unique set of challenges for professionals. The lack of enterprise products and solutions means that DIY has become the norm when creating or managing software, but this can lead to trouble – especially for competitive events! Without suitable software, many wind tunnels waste time creating sub-optimal solutions when organizing competitions and other events.

This is where software like Tunn3l comes in. Tunn3l provides an all-in-one suite of tools to help indoor skydiving facilities manage their operations more efficiently. The software includes features such as a secure booking system, point of sales, contact relationship management and staff scheduling.

As a key player in indoor skydiving software development, Tunn3l recently released an upgraded version of its (free) competition manager!

Tunn3L Screen Calls &Amp;Amp; Planning

Designed to help professionals save time and stress, this online tool handles the 4 main disciplines: FS, VFS, Freestyle (free/compulsory rounds), and Dynamic (free/speed rounds + battle mode).

Their software has already been used in several main events in Europe, including the last word cup in Airspace Charleroi.

Indoor Skydiving Competition Management Software Features

A quick feature overview of the upgraded software:

  • Collect subscriptions from your website or manually

  • Manage competitors: contact, nationality, desired speed

  • Design the whole competition: dates, disciplines, rounds number and duration

  • Ensure consistent planning and flawless organization with the competition designer

  • Rely on the system’s flexibility for last-minute changes

  • Real-time planning: all changes are automatically fed back to the flight planning

  • Inform the audience with minute-by-minute schedules on mobile

  • Screen calls: keep your attendees aware with 5 and 15-minute calls

  • Display live scores on screens and also on your website and social media

  • Fully compatible with judging systems (Dynamr, InTime) via API

Tunn3L Teams Sceen

What makes it even more awesome is that this competition manager doesn’t interfere with existing software.

Oh, and did we mention it’s absolutely free?

Who is Tunn3l :

Tunn3l is a team of 8 people dedicated to providing the best services to wind tunnel owners and operators in the world. More than 8M end users have experienced the smoothest customer journey in more than 38 wind tunnels over 17 different countries. From the smallest mobile wind tunnel to the biggest in the world, Tunn3l brings business efficiency and fast return on investment to wind tunnel business owners

Through its comprehensive suite of tools, Tunn3l makes it easier for indoor skydiving professionals to manage operations and create an awesome experience for their customers. From booking systems to competition management tools, their software makes managing wind tunnel operations much easier – giving you more time to focus on what matters most: creating awesome experiences for your customers!

Published: February 7, 2023 | Last Updated: February 7, 2023

Tunn3L Releases A Free Indoor Skydiving Competition Manager
Written by,
Charlie Centa
Charlie Centa is the owner of two of the world's leading skydiving websites: and sister site, Originally from the UK, he now lives in sunny Spain where he spends his time between living in a van in the mountains climbing and skiing, and working on his websites. When he's not doing either of those things, Charlie can be found writing witty bios about himself!

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