iFLY Set to Reopen with New COVID-19 Safety Proceedures


Ifly Oklahoma City Okc
May 17, 2020
Charlie Centa

iFLY has begun to reopen indoor skydiving tunnels in the US after the initial lockdown of the COVID-19 crisis.

The announcement of the reopening of iFLY Oklahoma City has been made this week with a new set of safety precautions and reduced opening hours. These changes make it clear that the company is putting customer safety first.

Officials with iFLY say their safety team “is taking the proper precautions to ensure guests can enjoy their flying experience by making a tremendous investment in new safety measures to create new ways of keeping people safe in their buildings.”

“iFLY has been committed to safe flight since 1998; we even invented the industry standards,” said iFLY CEO, Simon Ward.

“Now for the first time, we’ve added a whole new level of safety to keep our team members and flyers safe from the moment they arrive until they leave. Since this outbreak started, our safety teams have worked nonstop to ensure that we follow best practices, adopt some new practices and make the flying experience as personalized, challenging and thrilling as it has ever been.”

The most important factors for the health and safety of consumers will be:

  1. Social distancing
  2. Environment and equipment sterilization
  3. Reducing/removing necessity to use touch devices
  4. Improving air quality

At iFLY customers will be able to notice these changes through a variety of new safety procedures that will include but are not limited to:

  • Waivers to be completed online instead of at the facility
  • Customers will have their temperature taken upon entering the building
  • Contact-free check-in
  • Floor markings indicating distancing requirements
  • All equipment including helmets, goggles and flights suits to be sanitized and washed after each use
  • Hand sanitizer stations to be placed throughout the facility
  • Surface areas and touchpoints such as counters, door handles and bathroom facilities will be regularly wiped down with disinfectant

“Additionally, iFLY’s wind tunnels recirculate and refresh the air from outside to create the most efficient and clean environment in our wind tunnel. At a slow flying speed, the air will refresh about ten times faster than an average store or gym, and at a higher flying speed, which is typically when guests see instructors showing off their skills, the air can easily double the refresh rate again.”

More information about tunnel closures can be found on the iFLY website.

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Published: May 17, 2020 | Last Updated: December 2, 2021

Ifly Set To Reopen With New Covid-19 Safety Proceedures
Written by,
Charlie Centa
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