Extreme Flight Transitions to Vertical Wind Tunnels


Vertical Wind Tunnels Announcement
January 13, 2017
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Last year we added a new vertical wind tunnel manufacturer to our list: Extreme Flight. This new Dubai based company announced two projects which you can find in our database. The company manufacturers portable, single loop recirculating, and custom built designs. Today, Extreme Flight announced their transition to a new global wind tunnel company: Vertical.

From today’s press release:

This is a great milestone in the young history of Vertical®. With the transition from Extreme Flight to Vertical®, we believe we will be, even more, a reliable, professional and global partner. Our latest wind tunnel technology, at a very competitive prices, will provide our customers with the highest value for money.

Our new company, Vertical®, has a global footprint with offices across Europe, Asia and it’s head office being located in Dubai.

The product range includes Single Loop and Portable tunnels. Vertical® is committed to be the best valuable solution for their worldwide-based customer.

Operational experience, aerospace and engineering excellence, and efficiency driven product, concurs to innovation, technology and tailored solution for our customer.

Today we announce the transition and establishment of Vertical®. The full senior management and engineering team of Extreme Flight will stay on board, totally committed to this new challenge .

Though their first location is yet to open, their tunnel models look interesting. They are advertising a 10 foot diameter, 18 foot high flying space in their portable model. They also advertise a zero-pressure single loop recirculating model in sizes up to 18 feet. The company has a direct connection with the operations and leadership staff at Inflight Dubai.

We will be watching the developments of the company and it’s associated projects. Any updates can be found right here on ISS. You can find more information on the Vertical Manufacturer Profile Page.

Published: January 13, 2017 | Last Updated: December 2, 2021

Extreme Flight Transitions To Vertical Wind Tunnels
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