About Maxfly

The company was established on 04/01/2003. She has been associated with the subject of parachuting since 1986. In 1994, the idea of ​​building the first Wind Tunnel in Poland was born. Unfortunately, the situation in the country made it impossible to implement this project and it was returned to it in 2011. It was then that the Maxfly Wind Tunnel, 100% produced by Polish engineers, was created. Since 2011, we have been constantly improving the technology so that we can make it available to others. In 2021, a modern tunnel design with a diameter of 3m was created. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, it was possible to obtain very good parameters with low energy consumption and, most importantly, at a much lower cost of production than competing solutions from the world. Thanks to many years of experience and the fact that we are users of tunnels in Poland, we know the needs of consumers and are able to adapt marketing and all the necessary aspects to sell at a very high level. In addition to the production and sale of wind tunnels, we also deal with the marketing and construction of on-line stores and 100% automated reservations.

Our quality is backed by our own success in Poland. We are currently preparing further recirculation tunnels for operation in other Polish cities.

We invite you to cooperate and to visit our facilities in Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk.

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Maxfly Wind Tunnels (2)

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Status Tunnel Name Country Size Opened / Opening Tunnel Type
Maxfly Bydgoszcz
10ft (3.1m) 2013 Propeller Below
Maxfly Gdansk
9.8ft (3m) August, 2021 Recirculating