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Projected Opening: 2022
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9.8ft (3m)
AKM Tunnels Wind Tunnel
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Hyderabad Overview

This new tunnel announcement has come from the cutting-edge Russian manufacturer, AKM Tunnels.

Hyderabad Flyer Information

Indoor Skydiving Gear & Training

You will be provided with all the equipment you need. This includes a jumpsuit, helmet, goggles and earplugs. Check out our Gear Guide if you’re interested in taking your own equipment with you.

Facility Offerings

  • Not Available

Age Limit

Weight Limit

You should not fly if you are pregnant or have previous shoulder dislocations.

More Questions About Flying?

Please read our FAQs

The Indoor Skydiving Experience

The entire first time flight experiences take roughly 1-2 hours. After arriving and checking in, you take part in a personalized training session before gearing up to fly. During your flights your instructor teaches you to fly your body. You take turns flying one at a time with other first time flyers.


For first time flights we recommend between 2 and 6 minutes of flight time per person. This gives you enough time to understand the basics of flying your body and is plenty of time for a great experience. For more pricing information, read our pricing article.

Wind Tunnel Information

Build A Wind Tunnel - Indoor Skydiving

Instructor Rating System


Tunnel Type

Flight Chamber Style

Round Wall-to-Wall

Flight Chamber Diameter

9.8ft (3m)

Flight Chamber Height


Top Wind Speed


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Gwada Fly En Vol 2

Elise Brown Flying In The Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships 2017

High Flight In Fort Worth

Class Prepping To Fly

Young Flyer And Instructor In Madrid

The Tunnel Lit Up At Night In Iran.

Flyer In Red At Saba Skydiving

A Flyer And Instructor Having A Great Time.

Woman And Instructor Flying

Happy Woman Flying In Lyon

View From Above At Ifly Lyon

Woman During A Highflight At Speedfly

Maja Kuczynska In Speedfly

Proflyer Enjoying Lithuania'S First Wind Tunnel

Two Flyers At Windgames 2016

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Streamers, Performers And Tubes Around The Tunnel

Performers Surrounding Flying Dream In China

Instructors Outfacing In Vienna

Woman Flying In Vienna

Girl And Instructor In Vienna

Instructors Flying Vfs In Vienna

Young Flyer In Green

Flying High At Flying Dream

High Flight At Sao Paulo

Bigway Head Down At Fly-In

Instructors From Flyroom

Two Sitflyers In Flyroom

Flying With A First Timer

Sarahbethzoe At Ifly Austin

@Reyshaunmadolora Flying As Superman

Kimberly Clark Nyc Drag Queen During A High Flight

Instructors Flying At Madrid Fly

Two Sick Flyers In Vegas

One Happy Flyer In Vegas

Flying Head Down In The Lincoln Park Tunnel.

A First Time Flyer With Their Instructor.

A Flyer And Instructor Doing A High Flight.

Flying Super High In Skyfly

Two Flyers In Skyfly

Single Flyer In Skyfly

Enjoying Some Flight Time With Her Instructor! Photo Credit: Monibecker13

Kids And Instructors Have A Great Time Together!

An Instructor Sit-Flying In Naperville

A Young Flyer Enjoying Some Flight Time

Fun With A First Time Flyer In Rosemont



Head Up Flying In New York. Photo Credit: Markovichmarko

The Redbull Team Visiting Gravity In Bahrain

5 Belly Flyers In A Round Formation In This Aerodium Powered Wind Tunnel In Bahrain.

A Photo Of Tunnel Technologies And Tacos Telecom Who Will Build The First Wind Tunnel In South Korea.

A First Time Flyer Enjoys A High Flight In This Southern California Ifly Wind Tunnel.

A Woman Enjoying Her First Flight At Ifly Kansas City.

A First Time Flyer Enjoying Aerodium Slovenia.

A High Flight At Ifly Westchester.

Having Good Times Flying The Tube On Our Breaks.

Finally Both Boys In The Same Tunnel. Thanks Striker!! All Your Great Instruction As Paid Off

Over 300 Times In The Tunnels. 10 Years Old.the Best Fun Ever

Glass Being Installed At Ifly Sao Paulo.

Great 60Th Birthday Present Also Nikki Was Fantastic Instructor

Great Birthday Present Nikki Fantastic Instructor

Aerodium At The Contract Signing For Valley Of Natural Sound.

A Rendering Showing The Nighttime Appearance For The Future Valley Of Natural Sound Wind Tunnel.

The Flight Chamber And Flight Deck At Ifly Portland.

The Flight Deck And Gear Counter At Ifly Portland.

The Conference Room At Ifly Portland.

Ifly Portland Gear Counter And Check-In

The Flight Chamber Coming Together Before The Glass Is Installed.

A Flyer Flys In Madrid Fly With An Instructor.

A Night Flight In The Bodyflight X1.

Capturing The Beauty Of Human Flight At Sunset In The Bodyflight Mobile Systems Tunnel.

A Drawing Showing The Future Ifly Orlando 2 Location And Confirming The Dual Flight Chambers.

A Rendering Showing The Final Look And Feel Of Wind-O-Bona Munich.

Flyers In Megafun Factory'S Tornado Wind Tunnel

Instructors Flying At Ifly Chicago Lincoln Park

The Above Ground Structure Coming Together At Ice Mountain Indoor Skydiving.

A Photo Showing The Below Ground Concrete Work At Flystation Tokyo North Nearly Complete.

The Air Contractor In Place At The Flybox Worksite.

The Parts Arriving At The Work Site Of Flybox.

Bodyflight At Skydrenaline Zone Guam

A First Time Flyer In I Can Fly Moscow.

A Photo Of A First Time Flyer In This Russian Vertical Wind Tunnel.

A Rendering Showing The Future Look Of Windoor Barcelona.

A Rendering Showing The Future Gothenburg Wind Tunnel From Isg.

A Photo High Above Ufly At A Beach Festival.

Max In Maxfly.

A Backflyer In Maxfly.

A Rendering Showing The Future U-Fly Dual Wind Tunnel Location.

Beams Being Pushed In Tokyo.

Details Of The Beams Being Set In Tokyo.

Flight Chamber At Skyventure Alcantarilla.

A First Time Flyer Enjoying A Flight In Maxfly Vertical Wind Tunnel In Poland.

A Photo Of The Construction Site Where Two 14 Foot Recirculating Wind Tunnels Are Being Built In Chongqing, China.


A Rendering Of The Flight Deck At Freelo.

The Offerings Presented At Freelo.

A Photo Showing A Rendering Of The Future Site Of Ifly Boston.

The Concrete Work Is Starting To Come Together At The Site Of Ifly Sao Paulo Pinheiros

A Rendering Of The Future I Can Fly Tornado Wind Tunnel Located In Moscow, Russia.

Team Bodyflight Tests Ufly Machine At Bodyflight Mobile Systems Factory.

Ulet.pro Wind Tunnel At Night.

The Ifly Sign Is In Place At An Entrance At Vill'Up.

A Shot From The Bottom Showing The View Through The Bell, Up To The First Turn In Paris.

The Fans Are In Place As The Tunnel Progresses In Paris.

A Photo Showing The Beginning Stages Of The Construction Process Of The First Ifly Corporate Location To Open In Brazil.

Two Instructors Help A Student Fly In Kiev.

Some Flyers Enjoying The Great Weather In Cancun, Mexico.

Two Flyers Lounging At Fun Fly

A Flyer Enjoys Some Tunnel Time With Two Instructors In Kiev, Ukraine At Aerofly.

The Lighting Of Ifly Va Beach At Night.

A Rendering Showing The Building In Detail.

A Rendering Of The Future Flyspot Katowice Location.

The Fans Arrive At Ifly Paris

The Front Of Ifly Paris Being Constructed.

A Photo Showing Dirt Beginning To Move At The Site Of The Future Melbourne Wind Tunnel.

A Rendering Of Japan'S First Vertical Wind Tunnel.

A Rendering Of The Future Wind Tunnel Located In Munich.

A Beautiful Photo Showcasing The Flight Chamber And Anti Chamber During A Night Time Flight In Singapore.

A Photo Showing The Construction Progress In Belgium.

A Rendering Showing The External View Of The Wind Tunnel.

A Young Kid Flys Like Superman In France.

A Flyer Flying High At Ufly In Taiwan

A First Time Flyer At Ifly Oklahoma City

A Rendering Showing The Future 12 Foot Recirculating Wind Tunnel In Sao Paulo.

The Photo Is Actually A Photo Of Ifly Houston - The Woodlands. The Tunnel Located In Brazil Will Be A Similar Style, But A 16 Foot Diameter Instead Of A 14 Foot Diameter Like Can Be Seen In Houston.

A Shot Of Some Flyers And Spectators At Xp.

Some Skydivers Flying Some 4 Way Relative Work In France.

A Young Flyer At The Wind Tunnel In Finland.

A Flyer Enjoying Some Air Time In Brazil.

3 Flyers Enjoying Some Tunnel Time In Malaysia.

A First Time Flyer Enjoying Some Flight Time In The Desert Near Eloy, Az.

A Screen Capture From A Video Showing Flyers In 2008 In Spain.

Some Skydivers Flying In The Tunnel Along The Universal Studios Citywalk.

Some Proflyers Enjoying Some Tunnel Time In Dubai.

A Flyer In The Flight Chamber In Montreal.

A Photo Of The Instructors In Their Flight Suits On Top Of The Wind Tunnel.

A First Time Flyer In Utah.

First Time Flyer In Toronto.

A Shot Showing The Turning Vanes In The Bottom Of The Plenum, All The Way Up The Bell And Into The Flight Chamber.

A First Time Flyer Feeling Really Good In Singapore.

A Woman Enjoys Her First Flight In Ifly Orlando, Florida.

A First Time Flyer Experiences Bodyflight In San Francisco Bay.

Two Kids Flying Together In Seattle.

A Flyer In The Guam Wind Tunnel.

Some Flyers In The Machine On The Las Vegas Strip.

A Woman Flys In Abu Dhabi.

A Young Flyer In New Hampshire.

An Instructor With A First Time Flyer.

A First Time Flyer Getting Some Air Time.

The Flight Chamber.

An Instructor Flying With A First Time Flyer In Switzerland

4 Flyers Fly Dynamic Four Way In Finland.

An Instructor Diving From The Turning Vanes In Raeford, Nc.

The Flight Deck On A Busy Day In Penrith, Australia.

An Instructor Flying With A First Time Flyer.

An Older Photo Showing 4 Flyers In The Wind.

To Kids Flying At Airkix Milton Keynes

A Flyer Posing For The Camera.

A View Of The Flight Chamber And A First Time Flyer.

A Flyer During The Opening Ceremony At The 16 Foot Recirulator At Yuma Proving Grounds

A First Time Flyer Being Flown By An Instructor In Freezone Ii

A Photo Showing Some Flyers Flying In Freezone Ii

The Flight Chamber At Freezone I

Two Instructors Helping A Flyer At Freefall Xtreme

Two Flyers In The Wind At Copenhagen Air Experience

A 4 Way Belly Group Flying At Bodyflying

A Photo Showing The Flight Chamber At Aerokart In France.

Two Kids Flying With An Instructor At Aerodium Buenos Aires

A Flyer Flying Extremely High Over Aerodium Buenos Aires

Rendering Of The Aerodium Ukraine Flight Chamber Inside The Mall Lobby.

A Shot Of The Future Location Of Flyhaus In Frankfurt, Germany.

Rendering Showing Slidepark Bordeaux

Rendering Showing The Final Look Of Fliteshop In Scottsdale, Az

Rendering Showing The Final Treatment Of Flybox.

Photo From Out Front Showing The Atrium That Ifly Paris Will Be Featured In.

Check Out The Preparation On The Site Of The Future Ifly Downunder Wind Tunnel In Perth.

A Flyer Enjoying A High Flight On A Beautiful Day In St Louis.

A Young First Time Flyer At Bodyflight Stockholm In Sweden

The Land For The Future Fliteshop Location In Scottsdale, Arizona

Some Dynamic 4 Way Flying At Flystation In St. Petersburg Russia

A Photo From Inside At Flyzone In France

Flight Chamber At Freefly Center In Poland


Flight Chamber At Hurricane Factory Prague

Super Happy After Flying! Photo Credit: Jessramspeck

A Photo Taken During The D4W Flying At The Ifly Chicago Naperville The Untouchables Competition.

First Time Flyers At Ifly Dallas In Texas

The Flight Deck At Indoor Skydiving Bottrop In Germany

The Flight Chamber.

View Of The Tunnel From The Back.

Flying At Letarium In Russia

Flyers In The Tunnel At Niagara Freefall

Inside The Flight Deck At Realfly

Flying With The City As The Backdrop On Board Ripcord By Ifly On Quantum Of The Seas

The Wide View Of The Tunnel On The Ripcord By Ifly On Anthem Of The Seas Cruise Ship.

The Flight Chamber At Fly Experience In Italy

A Nighttime Flight At Dalian Flight Experience

A Flyer Enjoying A Flight At Chengdu Sky Venture

A Flyer At Butterfly In Russia

A Flyer Inside At Bodyflight Bedford In The Uk

The Flight Deck By Night At Airspace In Belgium

A Flyer In The Wind At Aerotruba In Russia

Flyer And Instructor In The Wind At Aerodium Bulgaria

Reception Area At Skyfly In Russia

The Flight Deck With Chamber At Skyfly In Russia

Inside The Flight Chamber Area At Time To Fly In Russia

Inside The Flight Chamber At Skyward In Hungary

Night Time At The Tunnel In Voss, Norway

Flight Chamber At Voss Vind In Norway

The Flight Chamber At Flyspot In Poland

Inside The Tunnel At Flyaway.

Construction Photo Showing The Pieces Of The Bell Being Assembled At Ifly Paris.

Concrete Work Beginning At Flybox In Israel

Some Skydivers Flying At Ifly Houston Woodlands.

A First Time Flyer Doing A High Flight At Ifly Houston Woodlands.

A Shot Of Ifly Houston Memeorial During Business Hours.





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