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Indoor Skydiving Source maintains practical and technical information on every indoor skydiving facility around the world. This is the only complete and up-to-date database of vertical wind tunnels available online. Every manufacturer, brand, and type of wind tunnel can be found right here – no exceptions! Tunnel profile pages feature location information, reviews, coaches, events, photos, videos and more.

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Below are all the publicly accessible wind tunnels world wide. You will find non-public tunnels on our private / closed tunnel list. We also maintain a complete listing of manufacturers. If you have a new project to submit, please use this form.

Size (diameter)

Key: Announced Under Construction Open to the Public
Status Tunnel Name Country Size Opened / Opening Manufacturer
FULLFLY Bordeaux
14ft (4.3m) Mid 2020 Strojirna Litvinov
Skydive Arena Malang
11.8ft (3.6m) Early 2020 Strojirna Litvinov

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