Flyspot is the 5th ISG indoor skydiving wind tunnel opened worldwide. This beautiful tunnel is located in Warsaw, Poland, and is easily recognizable by the amazing architecture of the building.

The tunnel is made of reinforced concrete which helps keep the tunnel quiet and reduce vibration. This makes Flyspot extremely quiet to spectators, and provides the highest quality of airflow for the flyers. Surrounding the flight chamber you will find bean bags for lounging and watching.

This location has been the host of many competitions, videos, and media events. It's a very popular location for skydivers and proflyers to train due to the welcoming machine, accommodations and skilled staff. The brand has since expanded to include more locations:

Tunnel Address

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Please use the following format: 170 mph (274 km/h)

First-Time Flyers:
2 flights - 289 PLN
4 flights - 569 PLN

Pro Flyers:
120 minutes: 4,999 PLN

10 minutes by car (10 EUR Taxi) from the Chopin Airport
40 minutes by car (35 EUR Taxi) from Modlin Airport

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