AERODIUM Nanjing is powered by the AERODIUM Semi-Pro model. Compared to traditional recirculation tunnels, this innovative model combines cost efficiency with an amplitude of fun and training possibilities for skydivers.

Traditional recirculation tunnel technology requires significant local construction work because the biggest part of the airflow channel is built from concrete. This model is inspired by modular design and uses a self-contained frame to support the technology.

Semi-Pro model contains top AERODIUM safety and entertainment features.
1. B.A.S.E. chamber. An optional feature for experienced flyers simulating a B.A.S.E. jump exit in a controlled environment at the top of the flight chamber.
2. Impact Reduction System. Our latest invention turns the safety net at the bottom of the flight chamber into a trampoline as an impact absorption surface in cases of high falls.
3. Fly Wheel Technology. A heavy steel hub for fan blades ensures higher air inertia in case of power outage and provides flyers with sufficient airflow for a safe landing.

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