AERODIUM Kyiv is Ukraine’s first recirculating wind tunnel, located at Respublika, Europe’s central megamall. Positioned in the main atrium, it’s a prominent feature.

The tunnel is equipped with the most advanced safety technology (the first of its kind in Europe) and boasts an appealing interior design, enhancing the flight experience and encouraging repeat visits.

Measuring 20 meters in height, with 10 meters of tempered low iron glass, the tunnel offers a spacious and visually striking environment.

Managed by AERODIUM, the operation of this pioneering wind tunnel project is a great example of their expertise. From strategic marketing initiatives to exemplary customer service and seamless day-to-day technical maintenance, they ensure a flawless experience for all participants.

Respublika covers a vast area of around 300,000 square meters across three levels, offering extensive entertainment options, modern retail design, and a diverse tenant mix.

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Please use the following format: 170 mph (274 km/h)

For Kids (up to age 12):
1 Flight: 790,00 грн
2 Flights: 1 090,00 грн
4 Flights: 1 590,00 грн
6 Flights: 1 990,00 грн

For Adults:
2 Flights: 1 990,00 грн
4 Flights: 2 990,00 грн
6 Flights: 3 990,00 грн

Group and family packages are also available.

Kyiv Boryspil International Airport (KBP)

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