In 2022, Tunnel Tech opened the gates to a dream come true – an exhilarating 4.5 meter double-loop wind tunnel in Sou! A friendly reminder for adrenaline junkies: it's now one of four amazing indoor skydiving spots open across Indonesia!

Tunnel Tech's facility is a state-of-the-art tunnel that offers the thrill of flying to everyone from experienced skydivers to first-time flyers. The tunnel has a dual fan system that can generate high wind speeds, enabling strong air currents that not only provide enough lift for skydivers to fly but also make it possible for experienced flyers to perform daring acrobatic maneuvers.

The facility also provides the perfect setting for other activities, like bodyflight competitions for groups, training classes for indoor skydiving rookies and experienced flyers alike, as well as corporate team-building events.

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