FlyStation is a beautiful ISG built wind tunnel in St Petersburg, Russia. This tunnel offers some of the most competitive rates world wide and hosts some of the finest coaches from around the world. The staff here has gone on to create their own vertical wind tunnel manufacturing company Tunnel Technologies. The facility is open day and night for first-time flyers and traveling skydivers and coaches.

Tunnel Address

Tunnel Information

Please use the following format: 170 mph (274 km/h)

First Time Flyers:
Prices starting at 2,000 RUB for 2 Minutes

Experienced Flyers/Skydivers:
Standard Rate: 370 EUR/hour
Night Rate: 330 EUR/hour
Peak Rate: 650 EUR/hour

Bulk Discount: 10+1 offer for any rate (buy 10 hours, get 1 for free)

Pulkovo Airport (LED)

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