Do You Think Indoor Skydiving Is Too Expensive?

June 30, 2021
Owen Clarke
A lot of folks shy away from skydiving because it’s so expensive. It’s understandable. Traditional tandem skydiving (i.e. jumping out of a plane strapped to an instructor) costs around $300...

A Vertical Wind Tunnel Under Construction

Build an Indoor Skydiving Facility

March 30, 2016
Indoor Skydiving Source
Indoor Skydiving Source is here to help potential investors build indoor skydiving facilities. Learn about the market, costs & requirements.

Wind Profile & Aspect Ratio

Wind Profile & Aspect Ratio

July 9, 2015
Indoor Skydiving Source
As wind tunnels increase in size, the vertical power is changing. The wind profile represents the windspeed in a vertical space. Read on for full information.

Types of Vertical Wind Tunnels

Types of Vertical Wind Tunnels

May 23, 2015
Indoor Skydiving Source
This article covers the basic big picture concepts behind how modern wind tunnels create vertical airflow.

History of Vertical Wind Tunnels

A Complete History of the Vertical Wind Tunnel

January 2, 2015
Indoor Skydiving Source
This article paints a complete picture of the history of vertical wind tunnels used for human flight.

Climate Control Vertical Wind Tunnel

Climate Control in a Vertical Wind Tunnel

November 14, 2014
Indoor Skydiving Source
Covering the advancements in wind tunnel technology, this article covers the ins and outs of how wind tunnel climates are controlled.

Vertical Wind Tunnel Fans

Wind Tunnel Systems & Parts

May 22, 2014
Indoor Skydiving Source
This article will help educate those unfamiliar with the basic parts of a vertical wind tunnel.