Windtunnel Construction International (WTC)

Windtunnel Construction International (Wtc)

About Windtunnel Construction International (WTC)

Windtunnel Construction International (WTC) specializes in the development and construction of indoor-skydiving / Bodyflight concepts worldwide. Our company offers a top modern Swedish engineered recirculating wind tunnel system that is acknowledged as one of the best in the world. Our wind tunnels are energy efficient, have perfect airflow and are made with Swedish quality standard.

The system can either be integrated into existing buildings, such as shopping malls or fully planned from scratch for new constructions together with our team of architects and engineers to fit all needs. The first location Bodyflight Stockholm was built in 2015 in an existing 56m tall concrete silo. A second project is under construction in Gothenburg, this one will be in a new building constructed for its location and not in an existing real estate.

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Windtunnel Construction International (WTC) Wind Tunnels (2)

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Status Tunnel Name Country Size Opened / Opening Tunnel Type
Bodyflight Estocolmo
4,3 m (14 pies) 2015 Recirculating
Bodyflight Gotemburgo
4,3 m (14 pies) Apr, 2019 Recirculating