Indoor Skydiving Germany (ISG)

Indoor Skydiving Germany (Isg)

About Indoor Skydiving Germany (ISG)

Founded in 2007, Indoor Skydiving Germany GmbH (ISG) develops, constructs and operates state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnels. The first location, Indoor Skydiving Bottrop was opened in Bottrop, Germany in 2008 and the company has since built out a large portfolio of wind tunnel projects.

ISG constructs some of the most efficient wind tunnels on the market with a one-sided recirculating system that produces high-quality airflow. These tunnels are suitable for both the entertainment industry and professional skydiving and military applications.

Why ISG?

Technology “Made in Germany”

  • Best sound insulation
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Fastest airspeed
  • Best air quality – no noticeable turbulences
  • Flight Chamber in full glass construction
  • No limits in size and design of visitors area
  • Patented ventilation system at very low energy loss
  • Carbon-fans (optional-against extra charge)
  • Patent pending cooling system for tropical climates (optional – against extra charge)


  • Customer-oriented business model (no franchise)
  • Flexible product portfolio ranging from simple tunnel sales to turn-key projects

Services Offered

Service Level I: Technical Equipment
Service Level II: Technical Equipment plus tunnel building
Service Level III: Technical Equipment plus tunnel and service building
Service Level IV: Turn-key project – including start-up assistance (inter alia, management training, initial instructor training)

In Service Levels II – IV ISG partners with an international general planning and construction management company to ensure the proper and smooth realization of your windtunnel project.

Based in
Bottrop, Germany

Year Founded

Showcase Gallery

Tunnel Types Offered

ISG 13.500
Diameter: 13ft (3,96 m)
Speed: 130 mph (210 km/h)
Reduced energy consumption
Suitable for the entertainment industry
Low investment

ISG 12.800
Diameter: 12ft (3,66 m)
Speed: 170 mph (280 km/h)
High performance, suitable for entertainment AND professional applications
Medium investment

ISG 14.1200
Diameter: 14ft (4,26 m)
Speed: 170 mph (280 km/h)
High performance, suitable for entertainment AND professional applications
High investment

ISG 17.1800
Diameter: 17ft (5,18 m)
Speed: 170 mph (280 km/h)
High performance, suitable for entertainment AND professional applications
High investment

Comparison Of Isg Wind Tunnels
High performance 14.1200 model compared to 13.500 entertainment model

  • ISG works with German manufacturers to produce the highest quality products. The flight chambers are constructed with high quality, scratch-resistant glass that holds sound insulating properties.
  • The air stream in ISG wind tunnels has almost no turbulence, providing a superior flight experience, reducing noise, and lowering energy costs.
  • The total height of the flight area ranges between 15 and 20 meters depending on the ISG model.
  • Flyers enter the Anti-Chamber through a pressure gate allowing to enter and exit the Anti-Chamber while the tunnel is running.
  • The Anti-Chamber is suitable for 15+ persons. This is a decisive factor for entertainment operations, allowing for a running substitution of customer groups.

Indoor Skydiving Germany (ISG) Wind Tunnels (18)

Key: Announced Under Construction Open to the Public Available for Rent Relocated

Status Tunnel Name Country Size Opened / Opening Tunnel Type
Centro de Actividades Modernas – Paracaidismo Indoor Oslo
4,3 m (14 pies) Apr, 2019 Recirculating
Flyspot Katowice
4,2 m (13,8 pies) July, 2017 Recirculating
Flyspot Varsovia
4,2 m (13,8 pies) 2014 Recirculating
4,3 m (14 pies) 2012 Recirculating
Fööni Paracaidismo Indoor Helsinki
4,3 m (14 pies) Sep, 2018 Recirculating
LEAP Fly & Padel Center
4,3 m (14 pies) 2023.04.20 Recirculating
LiftOff Omán
4,3 m (14 pies) 2024 Recirculating
Paracaidismo Indoor AirSpace
4,3 m (14 pies) 2014 Recirculating
Paracaidismo Indoor Bottrop
4,3 m (14 pies) 2008 Recirculating
Paracaidismo Indoor en la Montaña de Hielo
4,3 m (14 pies) Early 2016 Recirculating
Paracaidismo Indoor Viernheim
4 m (13 pies) Nov, 2021 Recirculating
4,3 m (14 pies) 2012 Recirculating
Windobona Madrid
4,3 m (14 pies) Nov, 2016 Recirculating
Windobona Paracaidismo Indoor Berlín
4,3 m (14 pies) Oct, 2017 Recirculating
Windobona Wien (Viena)
4,3 m (14 pies) Sept, 2015 Recirculating
Windoor Barcelona
4,3 m (14 pies) Dec, 2019 Recirculating
4,3 m (14 pies) Dec, 2018 Recirculating
4,3 m (14 pies) August, 2020 Recirculating